Seapunk Is Springing Back From The Dead

A few years back there was a little buzz going around about an underground style movement called Seapunk. While it peaked our interest for about a week, made small waves on a few fashion blogs, and had a write up in the New York Times, it sort of fell back into the obscurity of Tumblr and no one really talked about it anymore.

Maybe the world wasn’t ready for the niche community of fashion forward risk takers, but it now appears to be prime time to shove it back in the spotlight for a fresh and funky spring look you can rock all the way through summer.

The origins of Seapunk go back to its music, which is kind-of hard to describe. Think a combo of ’90s house meets vintage pop and R&B, with a dash of southern rap trap, to produce a drug induced melodic trip through time where you might wake up and find yourself on the floor of a warehouse post-rave wondering, “How did I get here?”

Ok so maybe that’s confusing, but with every music scene a sense of style must follow which brings us to looking Seapunk this spring. Blues, greens, seaside themes, and ’90s imagery such a smiley faces and yin-yangs make up this unique and stand out style.

I’m guessing Kylie Jenner and Hilary Duff have no idea dafuq seapunk is, but these Hollywood “it” girls have already (unknowingly) been rocking a hint of seapunk via their aqua colored hair, making it cool and trendy to take the plunge and revisit this long lost fashion gemstone.

Summer colors, warmer weather, ’90s inspired style…what’s not to love? Check out the gallery of seapunk inspiration you can start working into your wardrobe now!

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