Rihanna’s New Single ‘BBHMM’ Is A Beast

Rihanna just dropped her new single on iheartRadio, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” and it’s a beast. It might be the coolest f-ing song I’ve heard all year. Rihanna’s DGAF attitude and powerhouse vocals (which sound more like talk-singing in the best possible way) puts this song front and center as the industry’s latest beast of a single.

Layers of tempo changing, booming beats piggyback Riri’s lyrics, demanding some bitch pay up or suffer the consequences. Known for being a musical chameleon, Rihanna’s fresh new sound and slant is no doubt going to make ‘BBHMM” the most overplayed song in da club and I’m completely on-board to have this blasting in my ear buds as I navigate the cagey NYC streets.

Take the track for a spin below!

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