I haven’t been able to get my main page on here for over a month now the only thing that comes up is my background. Plus all my friends pages are blank also except for the background. The only way I’m getting on here is that the options on the top by the banner are working except for the Buzznet homepage. I did get it once today but then it came up blank again !!!

I thought I would try and post a blog hoping that would renew my page. Anyhow my Squirrely’s miss being on here so here is a photo from the last time it snowed …….

We are very sick of the winter that doesn’t want to end. But it’s almost snow free here now some piles are still out there but melting down more. I hope we get some really nice spring weather ……

The TWINS had a good mountain to SKI on but Peter always seems to get himself in trouble doing that so they were barred from going up on that 😀

I did find some of my crocus flowers coming up after the snow melted from this garden, they are very Welcome after the winter we had : )

So anyhow I hope things come back on here so we can all get back to our beloved Buzznet !!