Let’s Get Real, Ladies…

Let’s Get Real, Ladies: Stress, PMS, and More

Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things–heal themselves, grow and change with time, and even outlast those crazy-long shopping trips we just “have” to go on, for 8-10 hours, without even needing a break!

Let’s get real though–our skin sometimes freaks out on us, our bodies crave naps more than it craves our jobs, and PMS is the worst thing ever! Many of us tend to ignore the signs our bodies give us when we need a little extra TLC, like fatigue, pain, mood swings, cravings, bad skin, and more. I’ve gathered a list of my most favorite Gaia Herbs to help issues that ALL of us women struggle with from time to time.

If you’re struggling with…

PMS, Mood Swings, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression

  • Have horrible PMS? Mood swings? Women’s Balance helps to balance horomones, which aids PMS symptoms, fatigue, and moodiness (I SWEAR by this product)!
  • Do you constantly worry and find it hard to relax? Kava Kava Root is an herbal extract that promotes emotional balance (and can help you to fall asleep at night).
  • Adrenal Health helps to optimize the adrenal glands (which produce your horomones) and help them to function properly, aiding anxiety and moodiness.
  • On anxiety or depression medication? Switch to Holy Basil Leaf, which fights stress and helps nourshes the mind.

Colds, Weak Immune System, Acne

  • Get sick easy? Black Elderberry Syrup has been known throughout history for its ability to strengthen immue systems and help fight colds (I use this religiously in the cold + flu season).
  • Do you take daily medication or drink alcohol? You need to keep your liver in check and Milk Thistle Seed does just that–it supports a healthy liver function which also helps to keep healthy, clear skin (bye-bye acne)!
  • Feeling the early-onset of a cold? Pump some Turmeric Supreme: Immune A.S.A.P. which supports immune function along with the addition of Echinacea, Elderberry and other supportive herbs.

Muscle + Joint Pain, Stomach Pain

  • Are you a runner, dancer, performer and stuggle with muscle or joint pain? As an aritst who toured for 7+ years, I have neck and back pain that just won’t go away, but I take Turmeric Superme Extra Strength, which fights inflammation in the body (and it WORKS)!
  • Or struggle with stomach pain from food intolerances? This supplement can help aid stomach irritation as well.

Fatigue + Low Energy

  • Find it hard to get through the day without several cups of coffee? Try this delicious Maca Boost (I love the Vanilla Chai flavor) in your morning smoothie, which provides plant-based energy and stamina for your ENTIRE DAY. I find that this enhancer keeps me fueled all day, and yet, I fall asleep easily and quickly at night.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop Gaia Herbs now, and thank me later.

Xx Mindy