Exclusive Interview: Ludovika Koch

I am really impressed with Ludovika Koch. She is an upcoming model and fashion designer. When Ludovika was 14, she showed the first collection at Fashion Week Panama. She has been featured in Glamour UK, Vogue, CNN. And I was so honored to interview Ludovika Koch. Don’t wait and take a moment to read this special interview.

Photo: Ludovika Koch

Every little girl wants to be a model and designer. What helped you to realize your dreams?

Well not really, not every girl wants that. Yes, modeling is highly glamorized, but there are many people who want to be other things in life. I know many girls that dread the idea of modeling or designing. Some girls want to be doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc. The elements of passion and innocence helped me realize my dream. When I started designing and manifesting my creative visions, I never thought twice about it. I acted out of instinct. Let’s do this, let’s do that. It was never quite a matter of “Will people like it, will it look nice” it was purely innocent. I was just like, this is the vision I have, let’s make it happen. And of course, as you grow older and in society, you loose that quality. You start to focus on does it look good? What will people think? And you become afraid, you lose that edge. And that edge is what started all for me, I still keep it close to my heart and focus on that quality when I create. I try to switch my mind frame from the judgment, outcome, and opinions of other.. When a very small child draws, they don’t draw thinking. They do it innocently, instinctively. Whatever comes out of that doodle they draw on paper, to the child it is a bird, and to someone it might be a pair of squiggly lines, but that’s the beauty of it. That element of freedom started it all for me, I didn’t think, I just did, I felt, and I created from my feelings. You take that element and mix it with passion. I am the person that when I see a dream, when I see something, I’m stuck on it. I’ve always been passionate about creating. I knew I want to fall somewhere along those lines of either fashion, art, visual arts, acting, modeling etc. I wanted to create a vision, a message that’s going to fill the world with beauty, and give courage to others to go ahead and say I can be original, be me, and be free. . I wanted through my art to have that message. Anything is possible, there is nothing in life you CANT have. And I think those values put together is what made me work towards realizing my dreams.

Photo: Ludovika Koch

I believe that you are an inspiration and a voice of the generation. This is wonderful that when you were 14, you showed the first collection at Fashion Week Panama. What did you feel?

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. In that moment I felt such a joy and happiness that everything that I had worked for in those months preparing for the show, had finally come together. I felt accomplished. It was my first show and I had only been designing for a year. I didn’t expect that 1 year later I would have been doing my first presentation. It gave me a lot of knowledge as a designer on what it takes to make a show come together. From stage planning, the music, hair and makeup, the overall vibe of the show, styling, doing full model castings with hundreds of girls. It was definitely a great learning experience, as well as an eye opener of what I can do better for the next time, now that I have more knowledge. Life is all about learning, improving, and re-inventing.

Would you like to design outfits to Oscar movies?

I would love to! Especially if Angelina Jolie is starring in it.

Photo: Ludobika Koch

What is your favorite spring fashion trend?

Fresh makeup, florals, leaves, and the elements of nature being payed strong attention to. I believe balance between modern day life and nature is nice to maintain a happy self. We often forget the beauty of the trees, plants, leaves and oceans. I’m fond of it when I see those elements being put into clothes.

What impressed you the most in the history of fashion?

Yves St Laurent designing the first suit for women, and Coco Chanel making pants for women. In those times gender roles were very strict when it came to dressing. Women had to wear dresses, men had to wear suits, and those were the rules. There was no questioning about it. It was actually illegal in Paris for women to wear suits or pants. But then came these two geniuses and rebels that changed everything forever, and broke the rules in such a beautiful way. The lines Yves St Laurent used for the suit for woman were so clean and beautiful, the way it was photographed in that alley by Helmut Newton in Paris really inspires me. I’m a big fan of breaking gender roles and unisex clothes, so for one of the many things that impressed me was how they started doing unisex aesthetics for women’s clothes in such a strict era.

Photo: Ludovika Koch

You are an amazing model. Do you believe in the „perfect body”?

Thank you very much! I don’t believe in the one perfect body as I believe everyone has different beauty standards. To what someone might find perfect and beautiful, might be completely opposite to someone else. Every person is beautiful and unique in their own way. The idea of perfection in 1 form can be very destructive and detrimental to one. It will leave you always unhappy about yourself. You are perfect as you are.

Can you describe yourself with 3 words?

Kind, Sensitive, Ambitious

Photo: Ludovika Koch

What are you working on at the moment?

I can’t say much in detail at the moment as it is still very in the “raw”, but I am working on a visual arts music fashion project for Japan. As well as a new collection. I’m very excited and look forward to manifesting it!

Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

Thank you so much for supporting me, your support is deeply appreciated and it means very much to me! Please continue to do so and I look forward to presenting new projects and art to you soon!

Photo: Ludovika Koch