In Defense Of Culottes

Back in the day when culottes were first introduced to the fashion world, I was but a wee little one who just saw them as big shorts that gave the illusion you were wearing a skirt. They were a fashion staple in almost every woman’s closet, until the trend died and culottes were exiled ot the land of misfit clothes.

Well, thanks to NYC fashion designer, Mara Hoffman, she’s shining a spotlight on the long forgotten bottom option. Now before you get all…”Ew OMG WTF” on this trend, from what Mara told the Wallstreet Journal, it sounds like they have potential to be a fashion flashback “it” item to add to your wardrobe for multi-seasonal wear.

“There’s something chic about that shape right now,” Mara shared. “There’s also a comfort aspect to them— they’re just cool. For fall, I’m loving turtlenecks. Tuck it in and it’s a great nod to the ‘70s.”

There’s one catch…buyer beware if you’re not blessed with the height of a model with mile long legs. Mara says you’ll want to invest in a cute heel to pair with it for a chic look.

“If you’re incredibly small or really short, it might be a harder thing to pull off because it doesn’t naturally lengthen the silhouette,” she said. “A smaller or shorter girl could do it with a great heel.”

I’m on the fence with this trend, but as the temps continue to give a nod toward warm Spring days I’ll be keeping an eye out for cutlottes on the fashion minded everywhere.