Buzznet Attends Self Help Festival! Interviews with Sleeping With Sirens & Breathe Carolina!

Buzznet is back up and running, yippie! I was got to attend Self Help Fest on behalf of Buzznet and you guys know I got some good juciy stuff to share! Self Help’s line-up was insane and featured some of our favorite bands over here at Buzznet! Sleeping With Sirens & Pierce The Veil were headlining, but some of my other favorites included, PVRIS & Breathe Carolina.

If you haven’t already done so, SWS released their new record intitled, “Madness”. I got to chat with the group before hand all about this new adventure they are on. The record truthfully shows how much they’ve stepped-up their game. Remember that one time I toured with the band on Warped Tour for Kia! What a great reunion it was.

I think the last time I saw Breathe Carolina might of been when they were on Warped in 2012. I remember always wanting to hear “Blackout”, what a gem of a song. I got to watch their set at Self Help and was blown away by their ability to out do themselves. I chatted with the band after their set about killing the Twitter game, new music, and what’s in-store for their set at Ultra.

Dear Buzznet, stay tuned cause we got one more interview from Self Help Fest and it’s with PVRIS!