WATCH: Tokio Hotel TV 2015 || Episode 01 #Imagine

Check out this first Tokio Hotel TV episode with Imagine project.

Bill and Tom just landed in LA from Latin America promotion and was already in the studio for recording a part of John Lennon’s Imagine in which so many artists and celebs joined in for UNICEF project helping children worldwide, especially the unluckiest ones.

“Follow Bill and me around, recording #Imagine for @UNICEF and shooting the clip! #TokioHotelTV //

“This is one of the most touching videos I’ve ever seen, in general. I loved everything. It’s easy and clear, at least for me, seeing how much dedition is in your job, even though you flight for 15 hours, you had to work on this important project and you did it also with tiredness, cold and always with a sincere smile on your faces. That’s why I love you so much. You started this new Tokio Hotel TV season with the right-foot. Well done! The Village studio is brilliant. God, the consolle desk is heaven for my eyes. I love it! Is it a Neve desk?* by the way, Pumba snoring is way too adorable <3 Love you so much, Always yours Irene xoxo”

SOURCE: Tokio Hotel YouTube

*Yes, the consolle is a NEVE 88R 😉 I checked with attention at the desk re-watching the episode 😉 I love this desk, it’s huge and wow!

If you need more infos about The Village Studio and mainly of Studio B where Bill recorded Imagine, check HERE

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