WATCH: Tokio Hotel TV 2015 || Episode 02 – The Viper Room!

Check out the new #TokioHotelTV episode dedicated to their secret show at The Viper Room.

Enjoy this new video diary below:

“Meet us @theVIPERroom ! A brand new #TokioHotelTV episode is on … //”

“I moved watching this episode and my fav part is definitely the one in which Tom before the signing session said: “we should at least take a picture with them [the fans wasn’t allow to attend the show because under 21]” such a big heart as usual! Can’t wait for to see you in Milan again and I really hope to meet you outside the venue since I couldn’t get a VIP ticket (hopefully I’ll get one for the next part of tour). You always give me chills and thanks for everything, guys. Love you so much, Always yours Irene xoxo”

What did you love the most of this second episode?

Have you ever seen Tokio Hotel live in concert or in an event?

SOURCES: Tokio Hotel Twitter / Tokio Hotel YouTube

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