#TokioHotelTV Is BACK! Premiere This Afternoon At 5pm CET!

YES YES YES! Tokio Hotel TV is back!

This afternoot at 5pm (German time) Tokio Hotel will air the new episode of 2015. Are you ready to watch new behind the scenes, backstage sets, thoughts and funny moments with the four German boys? I CAN’T WAIT! Stay tuned because I will update all the episodes every week 😉

Check out some of the posts the guys shared on their social accounts:

“Tokio Hotel TV is back! Starting – today 5pm cet, with our UNICEF episode! youtube.com/tokiohotel

The first episode is about #Imagine project

#Imagine TokioHotel TV 2015 starts today! The #Unicef episodes 5pm cet!

“#TokioHotelTV is BACK!!!! starting today at 5pm cet with our #imagine #unicef episode! Check it out on #youtube”