Relighting a Candle..

When you light a candle for the first time, you see the flame grow and become massive. It is so powerful that the wax on the candle starts to melt. But what happens when you all of the sudden blow out the candle, and there is just an old black wick that once held such a beautiful flame. Can you relight the candle again and get the same flame?

Clearly I am not writing this blog to talk about candles, I am talking about relationships. If you have a relationship which starts with so much intenisty, love, passion, and lust then it all of the sudden stops. Can you rekindle those emotions and feelings back into that relationship? Maybe it wasn’t good timing, maybe the other person wasn’t ready for you, maybe you were too intense for one another. That is the question I am asking myself these days. Can you actually rekindle a relationship for the better?

I had a relationship during the summer time, which all I can describe was the most beautiful, intense, loving, and passionate feelings I’ve ever had towards someone. The relationship ended, and it wasn’t because we did anything wrong, it was because within 2-3 weeks we were already in love, and I honestly don’t think the other person in the relationship was ready for that kind of love. He told me that he got cold feet, and apologized several times for all the awful things he said to me.

But when you run into each other again after not seeing or speaking to each other in months and those feelings are still there what does that mean? Am I just in lust with the idea of being happy, am I just wanting to feel those feelings again with this person? I guess all I can really do is do my thing and see what happens. Before our relationship was long distance and really difficult. But now I am living in the same city, we have the ability to actually take it slow, get to know one another, learn about each other.

It is just SO weird starting off a relationshiop with so much intensity to a pause, and then trying to rekindle something you once had. This time I know that both of our walls are up, but the passion and emotions and feelings still exist in both of us. It is going slow, which is how relationships should start off. Can love actually change you, can you actually at some point not know how you feel?

So I guess the real question that I am about to find out the answer to is.. Can you relight a flame on a candle and still have it burn so bright or will there always be a black wick windling in the past.


Samii Ryan