PREMIERE: Plaid Brixx BTS Video For Chemistry!

We are so excited to present you guys with the premier of Plaid Brixx’s BTS video for their hit song Chemistry here on Buzznet!

Plaid Brixx is a rock group from Ohio consisting of Chris Duggan, Mark Smith, and Cole Bradley that have been together since high school and have a refined sound to prove it. Chemistry is the title track off of their Chemistry EP which was released back in July and it is amazing! After the praise that they received from the video, they have decided to show us all exactly what the process was like for creating it.

When asked about the process for making Chemistry, lead singer Chris Duggan said “We had a really fun time on set but it was a brutally long shoot – I showed up at 10am and left around midnight. We also built a lot of the set ourselves the night before! We had originally tried to build a huge room-within-a-room framing out of 2x4s to hang lights on but the structure ended up collapsing. Luckily we caught it all on camera!”

Check out the BTS video below followed by the finished Chemistry video and be sure to keep up with Plaid Brixx on their Twitter and Facebook pages!