PREMIERE: Aaron Krause & Kelsey Kopecky Team Up for Live Version of “Jade”

Nashville singer/songwriter Aaron Krause has teamed up with Kopecky Family Band‘s Kelsey Kopecky to bring you a lovely live rendition of his song, “Jade.” On the song’s dreamy meaning, Krause stated: “I wrote “Jade” right after I finished my record, Holding On To Love, and for me it puts the final period at the end of those 10 songs. It’s a song about dreaming of this really beautiful girl you haven’t met yet. The dream is so real it almost feels like a memory.”

Taken from the Nashville Indie Spotlight album, “Jade” soars with flavors of pop, soul and moody sensibilities that you’ll find yourself zoning out to after a rough day. Bubble bath, anyone?

Buzznet has your exclusive premiere of the live version of “Jade” below!

Holding On To Love is available now HERE.

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