EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Jam In The Van Session

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Tokio Hotel on January 14, 2015 had a performance in the smallest place ever, I’m talking about Jam In The Van, the world’s first solar powered music discovery vehicle.

From Jam In The Van website:

“Way back in 2011 we got an offer from the radio station 98.7 to pull into the alley behind The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles and film the band Switchfoot. Now, none of us were at the time Switchfoot fans or in any way knowledgeable about Switchfoot. Myself, I’d never heard of them. We were able to look at their social media accounts and surmised that they had a pretty big following. However, we were new to the whole internet business game, and we had up until then only filmed bands that were on the local level, small followings, climbing their way up. The day we released Switchfoot’s session, I will never forget. We thought we’d made it. Everytime I clicked refresh on our Facebook page fifty new people had liked it. It didn’t matter that a lot of them were conservative Christians who had stumbled upon our site because we filmed a Jesus rock band… we were stoked.

Since then we’ve obviously gone on to film plenty of big named musicians, and our social media following has grown along with us. Yet the day we taped Tokio Hotel still managed to blow my mind. I don’t even think the band retweeted our tweet about us filming them. Some fan just saw it, retweeted it and then it was in the hands of their millions of minions and fan sites gallore. They have an army of devoted girls and boys chomping at the bit to watch them do anything, like literally anything. They got stoked at pictures of the band standing in an alley using their cell phones. So heaven help the internet when we drop these videos. Let the Tokio Hotelaholics loose. It’s time to break the web…”

Enjoy the two performances on Love Who Loves You Back and Girl Got A Gun below and let me know what you think in the comments 😉

Check also other photos from the session HERE


SOURCES: Jam In The Van

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