EXCLUSIVE: Shochan Premieres “Girls Say” Music Video

Acoustic/soul up-and-comer Shochan has a lot to say in the span of his 3 minute music video for “Girls Say.” The Brooklyn jack-of-all-trades artist put every frustration and insecurity he’s experienced in the music industry to good use, expressing his seething distaste of being put into a box to fit a phony persona.

About the track, the singer stated:

“This song is all about being unappreciated. At a certain point I felt like everyone who had a place in the industry was telling me who I have to be, so I was inspired to make this video where I was being facially curated to resemble my career plights. I wrote the song because I wanted to vent about the people who wanted to groom me for a surface level overnight success while ignoring my blood, sweat, and tears, my craft. I also wanted to provide some affirmation for other artists who are in the same spot.”

Any struggling artist can appreciate that message.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Shochan’s “Girls Say” below: