Exclusive Interview With Dookie Woop

I believe that you heard about incredible Dookie Woop, an awesome photographer, blogger, student of music, androgynous/alternative model and member on Buzznet from beautiful Brazil. And I was so honored to interview her. Don’t wait and check out it.

1.You are so colorful person. Can you tell us how looks your own world?

To get to the rainbow we must face the storm. My world is a mistery creepy and colored sweet.

2. Your style is original. What inspires you?

Creating it is like my inner and outer universe. Whenever I’m writing a song or going through some stage, I imagine in my mind how it should sound, how I should express. So everything can be inspiration. I like candy and dark things, I think I am the balance of opposites.

3. You are alternative and androgynous model. What does it mean for you?

Means to be myself, and be yourself is to be free and true to you. Not to genres and classifications that exist.

4. What can we expect from your upcoming music?

I’m studying music for four years, composing all the time and had some short presentations at the end of the year I do not know what to expect, I’ve tried everything, looking for producers and partnerships, I have been to a step of launching my first demo, but sometimes the universe is closing the doors for you until you find the right. Maybe I sell my compositions for other artists this year and thereby emerge, like a shooting star that fell from heaven, so fast, no one expected, this is what surprises.

5. How you make your YouTube videos? Do you do it alone?

I do everything alone, I would like to do something more professional, more I’m just a little boy do what I can for you, sometimes I feel down for lack of support, this reflects in some time without news.

6. What are you doing when you are not creating?

I’m with my best friends, studying hard, working hard, listening to music, watching the stars, meditating, reading tarot, hugging strangers… More after all experiences all leads me to create something!

7. What do you think about Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and why?

I think it’s a beautiful way to decorate for gliter all the rot and corruption that exists here.

8.Are you influenced by Brazilian culture?

Living here I might not give me account. More to much here, I’m always keeping an eye on everything, creationists see inspiration in everything.

9.Do you have a favorite artist?

Kerli and Katy Perry <3

10. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

Prepare to take the universe.

Thank u for everything!! <3