How To Get Dewy, Glowing Skin

Did you know? Most store-bought skincare products include dangerous ingredients that can actually cause acne, make skin inflamed, oily, dry, and overall, encourage wrinkles and aging. Even worse, some of those chemicals are said to cause cancer and other scary problems! So listen, if you care about your skin at all, it’s time to ditch the cheapie department store products and get natural.

So, what’s the secret to healthy, fresh skin? Using quality, natural, trusted products.

Meet NOW Foods.

From skincare to supplements, to herbs and natural food, Now Foods is a brand to know and love. I adore this company because they’re committed to only producing items that are all-natural, Non-GMO, free of pesticides and harsh ingredients. Their essential oils are completely natural, pure, organic, and are validated for top quality.

(My most favorite NOW essential oils.)

Ok, now back to getting that dewy, glowing skin…

First thing in the morning, I get rid of my “sleep layer” of skin by washing with Vitamin C & Manuka Honey Gel Cleanser which is refreshing and wakes me up. I follow up with a sweet toning mist, by combining 5 drops of Rosewater Concentrate into a spray bottle full of cold water. This is my favorite part–it feels amazing and smells even better. (Read the benefits of Rosewater here). Next, I moisturize with CoQ10 Antioxidant Cream which contains ingredients that balance skin tone, getting rid of any scars, bumps, or redness.

Throughout the day, I moisturize my hands and body with Coconut Oil, which smoothes skin and leaves it glowing (yes, it’s the same kind that you cook with)! TIP: You can also use this coconut oil as a “highlighter” after applying foundation to give skin a fresh, dewy look. It’s also amazing to smooth into hair for a hair mask.

At night, I have the same routine as the morning, but for a moisturizer, I use Green Tea & Pomegranate Night Cream, since it repairs damaged skin overnight with antioxidants and extra moisture. Weekly I will use their amazing Red Clay Moroccan Clay to purify and tighten my skin. It’s like magic.

I also use my favorite Ultrasonic Faux Wooden Oil Diffuser with drops of “Clear The Air” which cleanses the room and helps me breathe better. I love all of their essential oils for both topical use and diffusing. Need some insight on oils and their benefits? Read here. Not to mention, this diffuser is WAY COOLER looking than most diffuers out on the market. My boyfriend thinks it’s the coolest thing we own now. Trust me, it’s great.

(My little diffuser/french bulldog/Texas pride side table.)

Now Foods products are available to purchase at Whole Foods stores, at most natural markets, and of course online. Besides beauty products, I also ADORE their True Calm for stress/anxiety, their Real Foods, and Living Now products.

SHOP NOW and thank me later!