Christina Aguilera Inflames The NBA All-Star Game

All the Fighters worldwide was excited and waited patiently for this day: Christina Aguilera come back on stage after her pregnancy, opening the NBA All Stars Game in honor of New York City and who better than her could represent the Big Apple? A friendly reminder: she was born in Staten Island one of the five borough of New York City.

She started the performance with Frank Sinatra’s “New York New York” just in an apple. Bowler hat, wonderful and sparkling make up, black suit and boobs in plain views (if you have them you have to show them, just saying) and such a great body shape but it’s her voice to catch the attention signing then on “On Broadway” by The Drifter and “Livin’ For The City” by Steve Wonder.

She left place to NAS and then come back on stage with a new black lace-decorated outfit singing Alicia Keys & Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind” and closing with “New York New York” reprise.

She was really on fire and showed, once again, (even though for me it wasn’t necessary) to own the throne. Her voice was brilliant, clean and dosed. I had chills all over my body along the whole performance. And now we have only to wait for her new album!

Check it out Xtina’s performance below:

Xtina tweeted also that after her performance:

“Let’s hear it for New York! You are my AllStar! Thank you @NBA – so fun to perform at #NBAAllStarNYC. XoXtina”

Do you like Christina’s performance?

What are you expecting for her new upcoming album?