Buzznet Exclusive: Cable Car Gets Candid On Their New Video “Tonight”

Cable Car will be teasing you in all the right ways in their new video, “Tonight”. It’s a bit risque, but shows a clever juxtaposition when it comes to what man wants in romance. This pop-rock group is all about breaking the rules and we sure appericate it. Check out what the band had to stay about their new video and the risk they’re taking with music.

Gabbie: I think we first need to discuss how you’re flipping the script when it comes to singing about relationships. You’re not showcasing the good, but the bad. Very refreshing, and almost never happens

Jack Turner: I think there’s the instance in relationships where you don’t know if what’s good or bad, and you have to make the choice to just go with the experience and not label it. Kind of from a place of unknowing, or no judgment – a lot of the best moments can come out of that ‘in between’ space.

Sur Chevvie: I think we are pretty introspective people, living in a society definitely built on the “me” than the “we.” As you deconstruct how relationships work nowadays, especially being in the entertainment industry, some dark stuff is revealed. Of course we prefer the better times, but the bad times can provide a lot of material.

Nate Mott: Honestly, it’s a long live and the only constant I’ve ever had was change. I’m quite sure that the flip will be made again. The important thing is to write about the now and squeeze every bit of magic out of it. Good or bad doesn’t matter as long as it’s enriching.

Gabbie: There’s no holding back with you guys. ‘Tonight’ is this cheeky, sexual, tale with a tease. After watching the video, I was taken for a ride. You think the video is going to go one way, especially in the beginning, but it throws you off loop. Very well done, and matches the different levels you hear musically. Was this something that took some time to come up with an intricate video, as well as the song?

SC: “Tonight” was sort of the catalyst for our sonic changes. The track came very quickly, and might have gone from start to finish quicker than any of our other material. There are moments in creating where the synergy in the room is like, tangible, and leads to really concrete ideas.

Nate: I’m glad you had the reaction you did! We wanted to surprise and create a visual that would be unexpected as the narrative went on! Also…Like Chevvie said.

Gabbie: You each bring a different perspective to Cable Car, is this how you get the different layers of your sound?

Jack: Yeah for sure, and we’ve always been that way. It’s been fortunate that what we want to bring really complements what the other guys are bringing to the table. So I feel our sound is always bigger than the sum of its parts.

Gabbie: There’s a huge juxtaposition when it comes to the context of your first EP, to your second. Your first EP, Ride hammers the romance to relationships, while your second, Cable Car showcases a darker side to romance. Was this intentional or kind of came naturally? It’s an interesting concept.

Nate: To be honest, there is a lot of art imitating life. We were/are all going through it. Lucky for us it’s a parallel evolution so we are all able to get on the same page.

SC: I just think the new EP is drenched in realism. There are shades of everything in there. “Let You Down” and “Tonight” are definitely dark, but a track like “The Moment” has a positive, inclusive feel and message. I guess it comes down to what frame of mind we were in during each session, ha!

Jack: Unfortunately, it came naturally…Can I take you for a drink my darling?