BEST Valentine’s Day Cards

Let’s face it, sometimes we have a hard time expressing our feelings through words. Whether it’s talking to a crush, friend, or a loved one, we can get nervously tounge-tied and end up making things ….awkward.

With Valentine’s Day sneaking up, it’s the perfect time to tell that “one person” how you truly feel, so why not say it all with fail-safe card? I’ve gathered a collection of the most hilarious, clever, adorable cards for Valentine’s Day for you to give your friend, family member, crush, or partner!

For Your Friend + Singles

I Love How We Can Talk About Poop, Julie Ann Art.

Happy Singles Awareness Day, Julie Ann Art.

Assorted Valentine’s From A Grumpy Cat, Afternoon Coffee.

Thinkstock / Will Varner for BuzzFeed

All The Single Ladies, Sea And Lake.

For Your Crush

I Love You More Than Pizza, Pattie Jansen.

You’re The Luke To My Lorelai, She Can Lift A Horse.

Thinkstock / Will Varner for BuzzFeed

I Love You, You Idiot, She Can Lift A Horse.

Cupid Card, Choodaloo.

For Your Partner

I Still Love You, Julie Ann Art.

I Love You Even If You Fart In Your Sleep, The Dood Shop.

I Ruff You, Choodaloo.

Thinkstock/Will Varner for BuzzFeed

Cute Butt, Row House 14.

For Your Family

You Two Weirdos, Wit And Whistle.

Mom Heart, Letter Happy.

Will Varner for BuzzFeed

I Love You More Than, Darkroom And Dearly.

Mom, I’m Sorry, Cheeky Kumquat.

So, which is your favorite? Personally, I want them all just to frame! haha. PS. Prder NOW to have the cards arrive on time for the big day (so you don’t get sent to sleep on the couch…)!