Trend Alert: Dainty Jewelry

I can remember some years ago (not too long ago) when I couldn’t find hoop earrings big enough to make me happy. All my jewelry had to be over the top, colorful, bedazzled, and loud. Thank God that phase is over in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love whimsical, quirky jewelry, just in a different way. Have you noticed that minimal is in? Whether it’s pictures on instagram, clothing, shoes, jewelry–it’s in, and I’m loving it. Dainty jewelry is one of the cutest ways to express yourself and I’ve gathered a list of my favorite styles + brands for you to shop! Enjoy!

Mini Gold Rings, Drift/Riot.

Sterling Silver Bar Earrings, Minetta Jewellry.

State Charm Necklace, Brooklyn Charm.

Arch Ring, Another feather.

T Thread Earring, In God We Trust.

Copper Crest Cuff, Another Feather.

Tiny Wishbone Necklace, Petite Co.

Gold Chevron Stackable Ring, Boutique Minimaliste.

Tiny Silver Bracelet, Solistar.

Single Studs with Diamonds, Scosha.

Hammered Bangle, Drift/Riot.

Tiny Vintage Heart Stud Earrings, Brooklyn Charm.

Xx Mindy