On New Years Day we decided to go watch a bunch of crazy people run into the water when it was only in the low 30’s !!! At exactly 12 noon everyone ran towards the bay ran in and out in only seconds !!! No one was brave enough to stay in very long or even go past their knees as far as I could see. The Northport Fire department was there to watch that no one had any kind of medical problem while in the water and out. There were 3 firemen who had on suits that allowed them to stay in the water for a long time I’ll start with a photo of them ……

Thankfully it was sunny out but with the strong winds it was absolutely frigid. I had on a turtleneck sweater with my warm coat and as soon as I got on the beach the wind just went right through my clothes. I was numb by the time we left maybe 20 mintues later ……

It was weird seeing people stripping off their clothing down to bathing suits and shorts !!!

People were freezing and re-thinking this whole thing ……

But this guy had on the most adorable skull slippers !

Then this guy put them on 😀

All the fire department guys were waiting around to see this whole thing start ……

Here are these ladies again maybe they will maybe they won’t ?

Then our local news channel showed up Ken Grimball is one of the reporters and he always interviews children !! I got to say hello to him 😀

It was getting closer to noontime almost that magical time 😀

Time to get undressed …. OH not me BTW 😀

Now it’s getting serious !!

Time to all get together and FREEZE 😀


GO !!!!!!!


And then Coming Back OUT !!!

My husband Jake was right there to try and help this guy get his towel off the sand. You can see the wind blowing his hair and beard around 😀

I don’t think these guys and this woman appreciated my camera !!! LOL

The fire department built a little bonfire so people could warm up …….

The fire department rescue guys came out of the water this is how they were dressed while in there ……

They also had a warming tent up where the fire rescue trucks were. They had hot chocolate and goodies from a nice bakery in the town. I think this girl was one of the news reporters from our Long Island Newsday : )

It was time to leave and while walking back to our car I had to get a photo of this sign ……

It looks like SANTA must had had a wild time on the beach his hat was in the weeds !!! LOL

Here is the beach on the way to our car it looks pretty there : )

Well that is THE END of my photos but I did try and do a couple of videos but the sun was so strong I kind of screwed up and one was only 15 seconds long and the other was 4 seconds long. But I will post the longer one so you can hear the craziness ……. OH those 2 women did go in but I didn’t get a photo of them afterwards. After we got home I cooked brunch for me and Jake it was an interesting day and way to spend the 1st day of the New Year 😀

I still thinks this is NUTS 😀