My New Tokio Hotel Blog On WordPress

My dear Buzzneters,

yesterday I decided to open a WordPress blog all dedicated to Tokio Hotel. The reasons are a few: this year is the Tokio Hotel’s 10th anniversary as band (friendly reminder: they founded in 2001 but they were called Devilish, since 2005 they are known as Tokio Hotel), they are planned a big world tour and I thought it was the great year to open a blog all for them.

So I’m here for a little bit of promotion.

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Buzznet. I will post over here as well but not as much I did before, at least for Tokio Hotel news, you could find them in my blog.

But I repeat once again: some of their news (like Tokio Hotel TV when it will come back and other stuff) will be STILL shared here!

I really hope I can see a lot of you in my new blog, you can join in it clicking HERE