I’m back!!!! Happy New Year, Buzznet!

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

It’s been a while since I logged in here but I’ve went through a lot of things in the last couple of months, I was really busy and I hadn’t the right time for blogging and post stuff over here, I’m really sorry about and I missed you all.

As you already know between October and November I had an amazing experience in a recording studio of my city as internship for Uni before my graduation. I spent a great time, I learned a lot of stuff and I met really nice persons, such pro and found new artists of my city having also their albums. This experience helped me a lot, my tutor was really satisfied of having me there and he has been such a wonderful teacher for me, not only about music stuff but in general, I was always glad to exchange thoughts with him.

[Random pic of the recording studio]

During my internship I also had the time to finish my graduation thesis on Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy and now I’m in the review phase, hoping I can meet my supervisor in the next weeks for have the confirm is everything ok so I can print my thesis. My graduation is on March 10, now I can say it. In the first week of December I was going back and front from my city to the one of my Uni for let my supervisor signs papers and bring to the Uni administrative office some papers for my graduation. And then I got sick with a bad cold and sore throat. I went through also ups and downs period but I won’t to give details to, I’m trying to stay positive as much as I can.

But there are also some good news I wanna talk about.

On October 27, my friend Elena and I went to our first concert together, in Milan, to see Anastacia. The concert has been magic, intimate and unforgettable. Anastacia had a really bad cold and sore throat, she immediately told us she couldn’t sing like she uses to do and this thing was going to kill her but we cheered her up saying we were going to sing with her and at her place. By the way, she sung too in a great way and entertained the audience. That woman has such a huge strength inside her, she went through and won a lot of battles and she’s an example for everyone. She’s gorgeous too. It’s been a great night and we will always remember it.

In the end of November since the day of my birthday, my city had the pleasure to host such an awesome theater event, I’m talking about Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, the Broadway play. I was freaking excited to see this musical since Beauty And The Beast is my favorite Disney’s movie ever (beside The Little Mermaid). The show was magical and I lived in a fairy for two hours and half. The scenic designs seemed to be brought from the Disney’s movie and the performance of the live orchestra gave something more to the whole thing. I moved a lot, this story is so contemporary and with a deep moral.

Then on December 7, I turned 24. Unfortunately my friend Elena couldn’t be here with me so I had a really quiet day celebrating with my parents, my sponsors at Confirmation and some family friends. Matteo, my sponsor at Confirmation shared the birthday with me too 🙂

Oh and yes, as you can notice from the photos my hair are more red 😉

My Xmas holidays were good too and I also had a lovely New Year’s Eve, even though coming back from the disco, at 4:30am a wheel of the car blew up, luckily my dad wasn’t going fast and he immediately stopped, we were almost at home. We always have to start the New Year with a car problem… By the way, we are all safe and didn’t hurt.

Last but definitely not least on March I’m going to see Tokio Hotel in Milan, with Elena, exactly a week after my graduation. I really can’t wait. Unfortunately I couldn’t bring a VIP package just like Elena, but seriously the fact she will be with me that day is the best thing ever, since we knew we talked about our first Tokio Hotel and we can’t believe it’s going to be in just two months. I’m really blessed to share with her this experience, definitely I wouldn’t have bear this concert all alone, mainly because I can’t meet them. By the way, I’m trying to think only about the fact Elena and I are going to see them, have fun and share this experience together and finally see Tokio Hotel again rocking on stage.

I really hope all of you spent a lovely time with your families during these Xmas holidays and have a wonderful 2015.

Love you so much,