Headfunk’d Apparel Available In America!

YES!!!! Headfunk’d Apparel opened their clearance sale to America! I’m so happy for you! As I wrote before, Headfunk’d Apparel is really unique, fantastic and buzzneting fashion company from London.

Now Shipping to the ‪#‎USA‬! Allow 5-7 working days! Free Snapback when you order 2 of more items! – via Headfunk’d Apparel Facebook

GOOD NEWS AMERICA! WE’VE OPENED UP OUR SALES TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL LAND! We didn’t want to have to make you wait for our new line and miss out on all our low priced goodies so here it is! 5-7 days delivery from London to USA. Stay Awesome America!”- via Headfunk’d Apparel Facebook

Our MMXV CLEARANCE sale is nearly over so don’t miss out! Head on over to our website @ www.headfunkdapparel.co.uk for our MMXV CLEARANCE. All of our stock must go to make room for our new line coming soon! Prices are super low just for you guys, we’re talking £5.00 hats, £6.00 tee’s and hoodies for £14.99! And just to put the icing on the hypothetical cake, we’re giving a free HF snapback whenever you order 2 or more items! “Say Whaaaaaa” Now fly my pretties!“- via Headfunk’s Apparel Facebook

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