Happy 16th Anniversary Baby One More Time

Well, this post deserves an only one blog, because we are talking about the most iconic album of the last decade and half from a pop artist.

Today, 16 years ago, Britney Spears released her debut album “…Baby One More Time”.

Oh Lordy how time flies. I was just turned 8 years old the month before the release, I really can’t believe all this time is passed, seriously.

I was only a little girl and Britney was a teenager.

Baby One More Tim is the song with everything begun, so I will always linked to this hit.

Born To Make You Happy is the song of Britney and me. She was born to make me happy and even though its a heartbroken song, I always linked to my love for Britney.

I love Sometimes music video a lot and I’m addicted to I’ll Never Stop Loving You.

And for the record… it’s the best selling album from a female (and youngest) artist ever:

Enjoy your Monday listening to BOM album and dancing on Britney’s classic hits:

What’s your favorite song from BOMT album?