EXCLUSIVE: Jeffree Star Interviews Bon Qui Qui On Her New Album!

I am beyond excited to share this amazing interview I did with my homegirl Bon Qui Qui right here on Buzznet! If you don’t know who she is…you should because she is about to takeover!!

Get her new album ‘God Plated Dreams’ on itunes HERE!

Bon Qui Qui is the alter ego of Mad TV’s Anjelah Johnson-Reyes. This original character arose from the Mad TV sketch “King Burger” and followed Johnson-Reyes’ stand-up routine, “Nail Salon”, which went viral and made her an internet sensation; the video currently logs 33 million YouTube views. Bon Qui Qui has since been viewed and replicated by over 65 million people worldwide. After recording and releasing three songs and two music videos as Bon Qui Qui, Anjelah signed a record deal with Warner Bros Records and is set to release her debut album.

Bon Qui Qui recently teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics for her third music video, “This Is How We Do It (Benefit Remix)”. All songs and videos are currently available on iTunes and YouTube.”

Girl what’s your favorite thing to order at McDonalds?

My Chicken Nugget game is ON. LOCK. I will eat a whole 20 piece with Hot Mustard by myself. Imma need a new hot mustard for every 2 nuggies. I’m a straight sauce hog.

You got that album dropping on the 20th, what is your favorite song off of it?

I love all my songs cuz i’m that dope, but I think, “BYE” is my go to because it goes HAAAAAARRRRD!

Is there any tour plans for this year?

Yes boo. It’s still in the works but hopefully this summa!

When your boyfriend gets off house arrest, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do?

Dawan and I are donzo. That fool NEED ta go. I got stuff to do. My album is coming out and i’m tryna get it right get it tight with my life.

Any last words for the haters at King Burger?

You know what, Mr. Williams done fired me cuz he said I didn’t have very good customer service. What ever. But it actually motivated me to pursue my real dream to be a rapper. So for that, I say THANK YOU Mr. Williams and thank you to every other hater. BYE!

Gold Plated Dreams Track List 1 – Shut Us Down 2 – You Don’t Know Me 3 – Oh No He Didn’t 4 – No Boyfren 5 – Alexander Wang 6 – Securrity 7 – Bye 8 – I’m a Cut You