Buzznet Exclusive: Interview & “Suddenly” Remix Premiere with Dalal

Buzznet, today I want to showcase a new talent, and her name is Dalal. This girl is invovled in all aspects of the music & entertainent industry, something I admire. Check out my interview with the Austria-Native, and listen to her new remix for “Suddenly”- it’s magical.

Gabbie: You have a lot of titles under your belt (singer, songwriter, actress, moel, special effects artist). Which do you think you connect the best with?

Dalal: I’m not sure, I think I’m a little bit of everything. Music is definitely my # 1 closely followed by Acting and Film. When I write, I always have a visual idea of it. When I act, I always have music in mind for the rhythm and the emotions 😀

Gabbie: Musically, a lot of those titles go hand-hand. Do you feel like this has helped you have full control over how you want Dalal to come across.

Dalal: Yes, I do think it helped me on my way! I can oversee many aspects of my business and I know what I want! But, I belive the more you know, the better of an overview you have :).

Gabbie: You’re finishing up your debut album. A really exciting time in an artist life. Were you taken back by anything while creating this record?

Dalal: It’s definitely a roller coaster time. I experienced moments when it became clear to me how much I love music… how much it guided me. I went through an emotional up and down in the last few year. I had carbon monoxide poisoning mid of 2012 that took me out for more than half-a-year. I was writting a lot during this time, I moved around a lot, worked myself to pieces and took great risks. I left my team and built a new one. I started working on my frist novel and really immersed myself into soundtrack writitng. I also started writting poetry again. I’ma dreamer, I’m a romantic.

Gabbie: Will your album feature songs you’ve had written for a while, or completely new stuff?

Dalal: I feature a lot of new tracks and recording, but there are one, or two songs that I had written a long time ago. But, feelings are timeless and if an idea/ song is good, it’s good.

Gabbie: How has recording your debut album change your perspective on music?

Dalal: A lot. Many people say many things and it’s important to listen to yourself when everything becomes too loud. It also has reconnected me with the very frist feeling i got when I would listen to music as a little kid, when I first started writting; the fun, the excitement, the absolute adoration and the onslaught of emotions you get.

Gabbie: We’re premiering your, “Suddenly” remix by Nate “Impact” Jolley on Buzznet today. The remix almost adds this element of mystery to the track. You’re almost wondering what’s going to happen next, which is awesome.

Dalal: Thank you! Yes, I love working with Nate! He’s a musician first and foremost and it’s great to be able to bounce ideads back-and-fourth with him.

Gabbie: A lot of times remix’s take-away from the song, but it fits perfectly & enchanes the, “dreamy, romantic, rhythm and soul” vibe you describe your voice adds.

Dalal: I’m so happy you think so! At the core, suddenly is a very intimate song, something personal that’s been carried outside. A quiet thought heard by everyone.

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