Britney Spears Recap: Xmas With Family, One Year Of Piece Of Me And New Music On Its Way

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I’m here with a new way for sharing Britney Spears news and updates, each week I will post a blog dedicated to Britney with a recap title 😉

Since I unfortunately stopped to update Britney Spears 2014 gallery for no free time, I’ll try my best with a really quick review of the last couple of weeks about Britney’s life.

So our Queen B spent a lovely Xmas time with her two boys and her new boyfriend, the producer and writer Charlie Ebersol. Rumor has it he signed a contract created by Brit’s father, in which he doesn’t reveal nothing about this relationship (it seems the sign has been put before their first date, at a restaurant). If it’s true or not, we will never know and we shouldn’t cre about. I only hope Britney is fine and finally found the right person to share her life with.

Britney in the end of the year shared the photos of her last shooting for Women’s Health magazine, she’s on the cover of January/February issue in news-stands since December 23. Check all the photos: HERE

She appears with a bright smile, younger than ever and with a toned body that media and also some “fans” started to criticize her saying the photo were under Photoshop process but if you check the behind the scenes video of the shooting you will clearly see there’s no Photoshop.

Britney also come back in Vegas for four exclusive new shows, celebrating also the first year of residency with all her crew;

Britney showed new costumes like the ones above:

And on December 30 celebrated Charlie’s birthday posting a photo via Twitter saying:

“I believe it’s clear that I won the birthday cake war!”

But let’s talk about the new year and what’s 2015 is going to bring to us… Well, there’s planned new music from our Goddess.

There’s her song on Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming album, described to be a “different sound” for Brit Brit with a disco ’70s vibe out in March.

Then there’s Britney’s lead single with Iggy Azalea apparently out this month. The Australian rapper told the featuring isn’t called Bli$$ how people said spreading the word via internet.

And then William Orbit’s cryptic messages like this one below:

I’ve done that thing. Gone ahead of myself in my enthusiasm. So apologies to all for the ‘tease’. It’s the Britney effect, you’ve seen it elsewhere with others, keen to bang the tambourine and popping out idealistic tweets. Mine no exception. Careless matches setting the countryside alight. It should also be said that the place for BJS news is actually the official site. No one leaned on me to say that, I just feel a bit responsible for stirring things up. Xmas is nearly here and I’m sure that Santa will bring nice prezzies, if not exactly on the big day. Patience my friends and rest assured that I’m on it. Over and out for now and with appreciation and respect to you all. Even those of you who get a bit nutty about it all. W ps, looking at the heated to-and-fro here in the comments section, I must point out that I LOVE to produce artists. Everything about it. And to put myself completely at their creative service. I’ve no doubt that I can turn out good work of my own, am quite confident in that, but am also ok that it’s a bit of a minority interest. As long as it’s true. There’s room for everything. Nothing is mutually exclusive, and I firmly believe that a love of Mahler and Shakespeare can perfectly exist alongside a fondness for great pop music. One can appreciate Bertrand Russell AND Perez Hilton! Have a great week and I’ll get back to the studio x

[and why the pic of decks? Well I had to have a pic of some kind, and this struck me as so very pretty]

He might be working on the new record, I really don’t know. But I really hope it will turn out as a true fact since I love Britney/Danja combo.

On YouTube appeared also a new version of Telephone’s demo, originally sung by Britney but then she refused to turn it into a master, so Gaga brought it back and recorded it.

On January 6, Britney has been spotted with Charlie out for dinner, ing Italian restaurant Ebaldi in Beverly Hills Tuesday evening.


Britney Spears at the dance studio can only mean one of two things… NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR HER LEAD SINGLE WITH IGGY AZALEA!

Or she’s adding a song to Piece Of Me.

Photogs caught Britney and her fine lookin self leaving a dance studio in Thousand Oaks last Thursday. She showed off her slim physique as she made her way into the car wearing a pair of leggings, crop top and signature aviators.


What do you think about Britney and Iggy Azalea collab?

Do you like the new POM costumes?

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