Annalibera Confront Their Fears on Debut, ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Des Moines, IA trio, Annalibera, consisting of Anna Gebhardt, Phil Young and Ryan Stier, have something incredibly exceptional going on. They totally blew me away with their single, “Black Cat White Cat,” off of their upcoming debut, Nevermind I Love You, out on March 24 via Sump Pump Records. Get out your flannels and your tea!

With all of the 90’s nostalgia swirling around, it’s kind of hard not to wish I were the age I am now, but in 1995. Annalibera give off enough 90’s Cranberries-meets-Garbage vibes to keep your heart pumping happily throughout the entire album. On the album’s continuous theme of disguising settling as true love, Gebhardt states, “Nevermind I Love You is me calling myself out, and anyone else who has done this too, for hiding behind ‘love’. For the act of ignoring whatever’s important in the name of love, justifying treating yourself, others, or the world badly. It’s about how we say, ‘Let’s not deal with our bullshit. Let’s stay safe and keep doing this the wrong way because we’re scared, okay? Because I can just say I love you and we feel better for a second.”

Darkly moving, hypnotic, experimental, and pleasantly ethereal, Nevermind I Love You is a perfect depiction of the sinking truth of settling for the wrong kind of love in a world where “wait” really is a four letter word. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re stuck in the middle of the muddling, knowing the effort it would take to get out could possibly kill you or set you free.

Take a listen to “Black Cat White Cat” below:

Nevermind I Love You will be available on March 24. Pre-order HERE.