The most amazing gingerbread dollhouses

Happy Holidays, Moon Children!:)

How is your December going so far? What are your thoughts on Christmas?

To be honest, the holidays are always somewhat of a sad time for me because I’m so far from my family and Estonia. As I’m writing this, I’m dreaming of going ice skating with my mom and sister and eating grandmas christmas dinner consisting of shamelessly crispy pork, saurkraut, potatoes and pickled everything. I have a really big and tight knit family so it’s always a tradition to gather at my grandparents house and enjoy spending time together. *sheds a tear*

However, this year is gonna be fun because luckily there is a small community of my Estonian sisters here and we’ve all become best friends. Our friend Abel who cooks the most mind blowing vegan food is gonna probably cook for all of us on the 24th (that’s when we celebrate Christmas in Estonia) and we’re gonna be able to feel a teeny bit more at home:)

To end this post, I wanna leave you with something delicious, something that is amazing about Christmas – gingerbread dollhouses!!! I kinda wanna make one and decorate it all black and pink with little crosses, bubblegoth style!:)