I guess it’s no surprise I’m posting another ON THE ROAD blog. I like to do them before I’m overwhelmed with too many photos. I saw a lot of interesting things but wasn’t able to get photos of but these are some that I did manage to get photos of, sadly most of them are photos of my town as I’m driving through …….

I was driving west on Main Street and the trees in front of Town hall were looking nice in their fall colors 🙂

That building is across the street from Town Hall and it’s in the process of being demolished. It was a major lumber yard that has 4 other locations on Long Island but this one in my town closed many years ago. Most of the buildings on the large property have already been demolished but this was the main building and it is all glass that is why it’s covered in plywood right now. I loved going there for wood because the guys there would cut it for you in whatever size you needed ….. Yes the guy in the car did see me taking the photo 😀

I was sitting in traffic when I took these photos and as you can see the road is so close to the buildings !! That is why a lot of the buildings no longer have any thing in them. The road is being redone on Main Street but they really need to figure out how to slow down the cars that drive there. It’s a very dangerous road where many people have been killed 🙁

We have a new CVS pharmacy that is now finished and getting ready to open but this was how it looked a few weeks ago. The new parking lots are all done and the fences are gone …….

It does look good there now but I haven’t taken any new photos of it yet 😀

Now I’m at a shopping center out of my town and saw this sticker I’m always looking for new ones to show you 😀

I’ve been seeing many of these huge cranes working on building new buildings 😀

Sitting in traffic again !!! So much traffic on this road 🙁

I took this in November when the trees were in their fall colors. The Spare Rib is a good restaurant I’ve eaten there many times 😀

Back in my town I parked next to this Muscle car. That’s my little station wagon next to it 🙂

Driving along Main Street I took this photo in the rain. I kind of like how it came out : )

This is one of our oldest florists in town. Just about everyone hated the design of the building with all those windows when they renovated it 15 years ago 🙁

Still driving on Main Street …….

That church is over 375 years old : )

The corner there is one of the most dangerous places to drive there are so many turns and two lanes go to one. There was just an accident there a month ago where a woman driving to work was hit and killed by a drunk driver who was a doctor !! Just SO crazy 🙁

It was raining out and I zoomed in on Carvel Ice Cream store. The pink isn’t quite that bold but I had to do some photoshop magic on the photo to bring out the colors and detail 😀

So now the last 3 photos are out of my town the first one is Stony Brook Hospital it’s a huge place even though it looks small in the photo. I took the photo from very far away and there has been lot’s of construction going on for years now. I was inside at one of my doctors offices when I took this.

The hospital is over 18 floors tall ……

I thought this sticker was pretty cool looking it was pretty hard to read when I took the photo from a distance away. Lot’s of cropping on it and some photoshop effects. I like how it came out 😀

I guess it’s supposed to say JOURNEY !!!

And finally I tried very hard to get a photo of the plate on this car but it was raining and dark out so no luck !!! But the plate said BAD VIBE 😀


So I hope you enjoyed another trip with me while I’m driving around 😀