Exclusive: Scars On 45 Talks Inspiration, Writing Process + More!

We recently had the opportunity to interview one of our latest obsessions Scars On 45. Scars on 45 are a group consisting of Danny Bemrose, Aimee Driver, David Nowakowski, and Chris Durling from Bradford, UK. If their name doesn’t sound familiar to you, odds are their music will because it’s used all the time on hit TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, and more.

Check out their amazing single Crazy For You followed by our exclusive interview below!

You guys achieved over night success when you song Beauty’s Running Wild was featured on an episode of CSI: New York, how did you handle the instant fame?

Haha I’m not sure how “famous” we got, but it was definitely a shock, and not something we were prepared for. We didn’t even have time to get the song on iTunes. All we had was our little MySpace page (yes, MySpace)!! We would check it every few hours and just freak out how many people were listening to the song. It definitely gave us a little confidence boost and instilled some self-belief that we were doing something right. That sync in turn helped us to get our first deal so it really was a massive turning point for us, even if no-one could actually buy the song!

How did it feel to have your track ‘Heart on Fire’ picked to be the main song for the sound track for season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy?

That was a great moment, to be featured on an album with all those other acts that we love and respect so much. This was also before our first album had been released, so it was actually the first chance we could walk into a store and buy something with our name on it. Very cool. Needless to say, all our families got a copy for Christmas that year!

Your music is constantly used in top TV shows around the world, do you think this exposure has helped you get to where you are today?

It’s almost like an extension of radio for people these days. So many people find new music through film and TV, so it’s a great way for us to hopefully be introduced to new fans. We’ve always wanted our music to be heard by as many people as possible, so anything that enables that is great for us. It can also be really interesting to see how laying a song over a scene can add new meaning or emotion to a song, almost like a music video. The other reality of TV syncs is that for a growing band like us, the money from placements can be vital to keeping a band on the road.

What was the song writing process like for your newest album Safety in Numbers?

After we finished touring the last record, we didn’t really know what to do with ourselves, so we just went straight into the studio to put down some tunes. Turns out that wasn’t the best move… Everything we recorded in those sessions was bloody awful!! After that, we took some time and just kept writing and writing. In truth, I don’t think we really knew what record we wanted to make for a while. The turning point was probably when we recorded the songs “Golden” and “This Is Not Your Love Song” in the same week. From that point, everything just seemed to slot together and the songs just kept coming. Most of the songs that actually ended up on the finished record were recorded in the last few months of the process. We just needed to find our stride!

What was the inspiration behind your single Crazy For You?

It’s a story about two mutual friends of ours. They were best friends for years but secretly had massive crushes on each other. We all knew but they never had the guts to tell each other how they felt. One drunken evening, they finally got it together, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They actually got married last year!

What was the most memorable moment from your last tour?

Wow that’s a tough one. We’re a band that always try to find something memorable in everything we do, so picking an individual moment is hard. I suppose something that we’ll remember for a long while is playing ‘Live In The Vineyard’. It’s an industry weekend that’s set in Napa Valley and it always has incredible artists participating. We dreamt of playing the main stage for the last 4 years, and this year we finally got the opportunity to do so. That along with the wine made it a pretty unforgettable weekend!

You guys are known for your interactions with your fans on social media, how important is connecting with your fans to you?

Connection with the fans is a huge part of why we love doing what we do. We spent such a long time in England working our asses off with the hope that one day we’d have people wanting to buy our records and watch our gigs. We don’t take the fans for granted at all and we never will. That’s why we’re completely happy to drive 15 hours to play a house show or stay behind after a show until the last person has left. Social media has made it so much easier for a band like ourselves to have that direct contact with fans and vice versa, and from our point if view that’s only a positive thing as we can give the fans more content than we normally would.

If you could collaborate with any artist or group, who would it be?

I think we’d have to say Adele. We’re all huge fans.

Who is you’re biggest inspiration?

I think we’d all have to say our parents to be honest. We come from a really working class, Northern English upbringing, and I think the values that we were installed in to us as we were growing up have so far held us in good stead. We try to be as hard working as possible and set very high ambitions for ourselves, but we also try to be as polite and honourable as we can. It’s important not to get ahead of ourselves and keep our feet firmly on the ground.

Whats next? any new music or tours in the works?

We hope to continue to be out there playing our music to whoever wants to listen. In terms of new music, we always have a few ideas we’re working on.