Exclusive: Ronnie Radke’s Hoods Up Style Profile + Interview!

Hey Fellow Fashion Lovers,

I know you are all fans of Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse right? Well, have you heard of Ronnie’s new clothing lin called Hoods Up?


Here is our interview we did recently about the line 🙂

Describe your line in 3 words!

Obfuscation, Intrigue, Empowerment.

What has been the most challenging part of starting up a clothing line?

Getting the right people on board to see the vision (of the line) through to its full potential. We try to create an atmosphere of loyalty and acceptance and hope that people interpret this as not only a fashion accessory, but an actual community of people that feel like a family.

What has been the biggest difference between creating clothing vs. writing, recording and performing music? Any similarities?

When it comes from a creative standpoint, there isn’t much of a difference. Creating designs is similar to creating songs; we feed off of each other to create the product whether it be an album, a single song, or a clothing line It all stems from the same creative place – the only difference is that this one (Hoods Up) is a visible piece of work when the other is audible.

What inspired this line?

I’ve always been into fashion and obscure articles of clothing, and while this first set of Hoods Up includes beanies, shorts, shirts, leggings, sweaters and duffel bags, that is only the first tier of what we are planning. I plan to take Hoods Up to another level of art once we’ve reached the level of doing so.

Why do you think your brand stands out amongst other brands?

I feel the world is over-saturated with products, and it isn’t about what you’re wearing as much as it is about what message you are trying to convey. We at Hoods Up want to make the outcast feel welcome – the bullied, the suicidal, the sad, the helpless, the depraved and the ones that feel that they just don’t fit into that normal group.

If you could have one celebrity rock your clothes, who would you pick?

We at Hoods Up aren’t just about celebrities. I am a huge fan of a lot of artists and actors, although I don’t feel it is necessary to put it on them to help sell the brand. It would an honor if anyone were to wear it, celebrity or not.

Any final words for our buzznet readers and your fans?

I’d like to thank Buzznet for the support, not just for Hoods Up but for your support way back in the day! I’d like to thank all the fans that continuously show their support to me, my brand, and my band