EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Villegas Talks About Her New Album, Future Tours + More

We recently had the opportunity to talk with the amazingly talented and beautiful Jasmine Villegas. Jasmine is an incredible R&B and pop singer who has been singing since she was only 12-years old. Less thank 10 years later, Jasmine has relased a smash hit with the amazing Kendrick Lamar and is preparing to release her much anticipated album.

Check out Jasmine in her hit song That’s Me Right There ft. Kendrick Lamar followed by our exclusive interview!

You recently released your new EP with your single featuring Kendrick Lamar; did he give you any words of wisdom and if so what were they?

Well Kendrick didn’t really give me any words of wisdom, i think when he was writing his verse I went to the studio and I sat with him and he was just like so how do you want me to approach the record? How do you want me to attack it? And I was just like honestly your amazing and I love your music so just do what you do and when I herd the record I loved it.

Who is an artist that inspires you and that you would like to work with on future collaborations?

I am really inspired by Alicia Keys. I love her and I think one day ill be able to do a song with her, I’m praying, because I have always been hoping for that since I was 13.

Well congratulations your first album is coming out in 2015, what can you tell us about the sound and/or track?

Well right now were still in the process of recording and getting the collabs but its definitely always going to be relatable to my fans and have them be able to relate to what I’m saying but its not just going to be slow songs. My EP was a lot of slower songs and its gonna be more up beat and dance songs. Just a little bit of everything but it’s all going to make sense and tie in together.

Writing and releasing an album I’m sure is really cathartic, what for you goes in to creating a new song or a new album?

Well for me when it comes to stuff like writing a new song I’m not comfortable writing by myself so I usually have a song writer come with me and we go in the studio and I just kind of lay down and vent to them what’s going on in my life and I just talk to them as if their my friends and most of them are really close to me so I’m able to vent and tell them what’s going on in my life and that’s how we make a song, its a subliminal message of the things that are going on in my life.

You started your career when you were really young, how and when did you decide a career in music is what you wanted to pursue?

I started super young, I’ve always loved to sing but it wasn’t my dream initially. I love animals and I always wanted to be a vet when I was younger so that was always my thing. When I found out I wanted to choose singing as a career was when I was 11 turning 12 and some guy herd me singing down the street and it was somebody besides my family telling me I was good at singing. Somebody that had no ties to me and didn’t know me and that’s when I kind of though yay I’m kind of good enough and I gave it a shot and 10 years later I’m here.

What’s one song that came out this year that you wish you had written or that was your own?

Probably the Taylor Swift song Blank Space, I love that song. She killed that one to a T in the video.

One of your fans asked who would you love to do a collaboration with? Any one besides Alicia Keys?

Yea I would love to do a song with August Alsina or Trey Songs and I know Beyonce is really far-fetched because its Beyonce or Rihanna.

When can we hear a new duet?

I actually just did a duet with Adrian Marcel so hopefully once that is all done you’ll be able to hear it soon.

Will that be a single or on the album?

I think it’s going to be on his album.

Are you going to go on tour any time soon?

We’re working on it now. It’s kind of up in the air at the moment but I think were going to be doing it soon