EXCLUSIVE Interview: Nikki Reed Talks New Music, New Movies & More!

Hey Buzznet buds,

We have an amazing interview to share with you all that I did with the lovely, multi-talented gal Nikki Reed! If you are not familiar with her name, she is an incredible actor who has starred in many movies like Twilight and my personal favorite, Thirteen! It doesn’t stop there though, she has just recently released new music that I cannot stop listening to!

Now that you have this amazing song in your head…here is the interview we did that I know you will love!

You’re known for being an actress and a writer. Now you’ve added singer to your resume. When did you discover your love of singing/music?

I’ve always loved to sing. Some of my earliest memories are of me humming to Lauryn Hill on the radio, or walking door to door selling brownies and homemade bracelets trying to save up enough money to buy a karaoke machine so I could put on shows at the corner park. As I got older, fear took over, and I lost my ability to connect with music because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. It took me falling in love with writing again, to find my way back to music.

How has the recording process been? How different is it from your acting process?

Music and acting, while there are some parallels, come from a totally different place. I spend weeks, sometimes months, preparing for a role in a film, while a song is usually found in the moment. Playing a character is something I am finding more and more common when it comes to my approach to music, which is very apparent with this last song. “Fly With You” is a departure from anything I have done before because I was embodying a character.

Describe your sound in 3 words!

My sound in three words: consistent, simple, honest.

How has working with Stefano Langone been?

Stefano is an amazing spirit. He brings a lot to the table, while helping channel the vibe and feeling of each song. He allows me to write, and doesn’t step on anyone’s toes. He is wonderful to collaborate with, not to mention an incredible talent.

What was the inspiration for your new single “Fly With You”?

I wanted to try something new, something that scared me. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. I had a vision; I wanted to mix genres and forget conventional song structure and go with what I felt in the moment.

You have two new movies coming out in the next couple of months! How has juggling those and working on your record been?

Ha! Good question. I would say I am happiest when I am multitasking, so I tend to invite too much on to my plate intentionally.

Your donating a portion of your proceeds to the Wildlife Way Station which is amazing! What about that charity speaks to you?

I grew up surrounded by animals, with an incredible amount of respect and regard for nature because of what I witnessed. There is such an obvious disconnect between nature and people, that is becoming more and more apparent with each generation. I see this specifically with kids because they simply don’t have the opportunity to interact with nature, and we don’t value the importance of educating them on the subject. The Wildlife Waystation is a magical place that combines all of these things. We have 300,000 dollars to raise for the proper permits to open it back up to the public, making it fully sustainable.

Do you have any new music coming our way?

More music is on it’s way! The response to this song has been so positive, and so inspiring.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I love sound. I love the vibrations that come from singing. I close my eyes and daydream about Norah Jones, Johnny Swim, Ben Harper, Laura Marling and so many more that make me fall in love with singing every single time I hear one of their songs.

So Buzznet, what do YOU think of Nikki’s new music? Tell us in the comments below!