Emerging Artist: Interview With Queen Of The Static Opera

I’m so honored to interview Queen Of The Static Opera. She is new emerging talent and a writer, singer, producer from Saint Paul, MN. Queen Of The Static Opera has big talent and I believe that we will hear about her many times.

Hi Queen Of The Static Opera. How would you describe yourself?I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, who makes dark music about her fantasies and feelings.

When did you start singing?I’ve been singing my whole life really. My parents had a band when I was a little kid, and they used to have band practice in the basement and I would play the tambourine. They made psychedelic grunge music, and my dad always encouraged me to sing and write my own songs. So I’ve done that all of my life. At ten my dad taught me guitar, and by fifteen or sixteen I started experimenting with producing music on a computer and taught myself piano. I really don’t remember a time in my life before music- there was never a choice when it came to becoming an artist, it was just obvious to me.

Your style reminds me old American music talents connected with Lana Del Rey and indescribable emotional sounds. How would you define your own style? I would define my music style as dark Alice in Wonderland industrial from an aesthetic perspective. The vulnerable and emotional side of my music just comes from who I am.

What inspired you to create “Cherry On Top”? What is the story behind this song?

Cherry On Top is practically a fictional story for me, it’s also sort of about my alter ego and how I wish my life was. This Cherry girl is confident, happy, and in love. The song is basically about me day dreaming about some sort of perfect life with this handsome imaginary guy, but some of the lyric references I pulled from my real life as well as my wants and desires. The dark bridge is where things get more real and this fake Cherry person becomes me, who everyone views me as, and how I view myself. It’s probably the most light hearted song I’ve ever made.

Are you planning on joining any competitions as The X Factor USA or America’s Got Talent? I would, but I think I’d get booed off! I don’t consider myself a singer in a way. I’m nothing like Ariana Grande and I don’t know how I’d be able to present myself to an audience in that way. I’d like to be really theatrical. I want to bring everyone into a world completely unlike theirs. I want to bring them into the world I’ve created to cope with reality. I won’t say I’ll never try or audition on one of those shows, because you never know, but as of right now I don’t think it’s my thing.

What are your plans for the next year? I’m not really sure yet. I’m going to make an album that will be available to download once it’s fully finished. I’m also planning on making more youtube videos, and having live chats. I want to be really interactive with fans. Ideally, I’d love to tour, but I can’t do that without a lot of money, so that will have to wait for now. Maybe the year after next year! I have a lot of ideas, online merch stores, touring, music videos, books, but all of that stuff takes a lot of funding, so that depends on how fast things happen.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why? There are a lot of people I’d love to do songs with, but if I had to pick I would like to do a song with Garbage, because I idolize Shirley Manson and Butch Vig is one of the greatest producers of all time.

What is your scariest experience?Losing someone I love is the scariest thing to experience for me.

Can you tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word: Grumpy Cat: The Grumpy Cat movie that’s been advertised everywhere. I can’t believe that cat got a Christmas special. I like Grumpy Cat though. Buzznet: Audrey Kitching, Kerli, you! I love reading Buzznet. Party: Hiding in the corner with a cup of water while everyone else socializes… that or karaoke and drunk people. Childhood: ComplicatedTwerk: Miley

Do you have a message for your fans and readers ?Those who have heard my music and support me, I want you to know I’m so glad you like what I’ve made. I’m entirely self made, there is no one pulling the strings and using me as a puppet. I’ve taught myself most of what I know in terms of putting together fully produced songs. I’m just this girl sitting in her bedroom trying to create something amazing, and I would be nothing if no one listened. Readers who haven’t heard me, please give me a chance! Come into my wonderland and allow me to take you into my world.