Christmas Decor Inspo!

Ohhhh I LOVE Christmas!!! And what would it be without the decorations? Anything covered in glitter is pretty much up my tree (get it? LOLZ) so I’m a real sucker for all the tinsel and lights!! Here are a few of my top Christmas decor picks…

HAHAHAHA!! I absolutely LOVE this Grinch-themed stroke of genius! I was wondering what I could do with all those spare pairs of green tights lying around!!

I found these on Pinterest and they’re so cute! They look like Christmas trees from the future!!

Can you believe this snowflake is made from popsicle sticks?!! Any excuse for an ice-lolly feast!! Pass the Fabs!!

What an amazing way to recycle old light bulbs! You see, glitter really does make the world a better place!!

It’s a wreath made from sweets!!! I love this, but I don’t think it would last very long on my door LOLZ!

Where do you look for Christmas decor inspo?