The 12 Days of a Pop Punk Christmas [Video]

There’s not really much for me to say about this parody song I stumbled upon in my Tumblr dashboard. Maybe it reaches me because I’ve spent the better part of 2014 touring with pop punk bands I love (Hi, We Are The In Crowd and New Found Glory!), I’ve just returned home from the Pop Punk’s Not Dead Tour in the UK, or the fact that I was on Tumblr to find the video in the first place.

Either way, this video is hilariously accurate, and I will reblog it every time I see it pop up. The post currently has 271,000+ notes on Tumblr, which says to me that 9/10 pop punk kids agree.

Is there anything else you would add? I’m leaning towards the camo fanny pack I bought my boyfriend for Christmas so he could keep his things organized on Warped Tour and maybe a few rad Glamour Kills t-shirts.

Check out the full video below: