Get Your Skate On With Ivy Longboards!

Hey Buzznet Buds,

A great friend of mine created an incredible longboard company called Ivy Longboards. It’s all still unfolding as it’s really new but I wanted you all to be the first to get your eyes and hands on it. His story, the designs and the quality of the boards are all something to check out!

“It really started by accident. It wasn’t my goal to start a longboard company! I just wanted to combine a few things I love and make something I could hold in my hands and/or give away for someone else to enjoy. When you do things you’re passionate about and people can see that, different doors you didn’t even realize exist begin to open. I started posting pictures of the boards I made, really just curious what people thought of them more than anything. Next thing I know, the orders just started pouring in!”

Want a custom longboard made?

Instagram: @ivylongboards

Take a look through the gallery of his amazing boards and be on the lookout for more announcements and the website coming soon!