SHOW REVIEW: Halloween Masquerade Featuring TyDi And More

On Wednesday, October 30th, I went to the 97.1 Halloween Masquerade Show at the Hollywood Paladium and it was SO amazing i knew i had to tell you guys all about it! The Halloween Masquerade has become somewhat of a tradition for LA and people plan out their halloween costume for months before the show so they have a chance at winning the 5,000 dollar best costume prize!

This year, the show had an amazing line up of TyDi, Afrojack, and Steve Aoki. TyDi opened up the show and in my honest opnion, he was the best of the night. TyDi is an Australian producer and DJ and even though he has just recently become big in the US, he is HUGE in Australia and has been for a long time. He was voted Australia’s number one DJ in both 2008 and 2009.

During his set, TyDi played a number of old songs and new songs from his album Redefined including his smash hit Stay with Dia Frampton (who was there to sing live with him!). On top of that, he had many live singers and other musicians including violin players to perform with. Ive been to many EDM shows including raves, concerts, and clubs, and i have never seen a performance like his. It was melodic and catchy and he stayed true to his sound – something many producer/DJs tend not to do when performing live.

Following TyDi were Afrojack and Steve Aoki. The both of them are also great producers but have a completely different sound then TyDi’s which brought alot of diversity to the show. The show ended after Steve Aoki’s classic cake throw, whcih made the crowd go wild as usual.

Ive attached the video for TyDi’s song Stay for those of you who dont know him to check out and be sure to grab a copy of his new album Redefined out now!

Where any of you guys at the show?? what did you think?????