So here I am again on more road trips and seeing what I can find that is interesting. Let’s start with a PAW we see a lot of those magnetic stickers here ……

This was on the car with the Cat stickers Max and Reggie that I posted on Thursday. But in case you didn’t see that photo here it is …….

I loved those cat names and would love to see the cats 😀

I loved this vanity plate I wonder what it stands for 😀

I also wonder what this one means, if I would have seen the person I would have asked 😀

This is a pretty nice Walmart, it’s a little further from my house than the other one but worth the drive since it’s better 😀

Pet Adoption is the BEST : )

Even the Stick Family has an adopted dog 😀

OH he’s a nice husband 😀

Another Dog Lover, we have many of those here 😀

And some that just love their Cats much Better 😀

And lot’s of people who love the water here and bicycle riding 😀

Another huge CVS pharmacy being built in my town, they demolished other stores for that one to be built 🙁

It’s on a very busy corner in my downtown area. Not only is that being built but the state is re-paving the whole street area so everything is quite a mess. I’m trying to avoid the area as much as I can 😀

There seem to be a lot of BOYS here 😀

We do have a lot of old houses that have offices in them. It’s nice they keep them and use them instead of taking them down : )

I agree with that, there are times I want to have another cat in my life but then I think of all care they require. I have all my outdoor animals to take care of : )

We have quite a few animal shelters here. And the largest NO-KILL animal shelter and rescue center in the world is on Long Island it’s named North Shore Animal League : )

I guess this belongs to a dentist or dental hygienist 😀

I have no idea what this stands for but it looks like American Indians : )

I thought the trees were looking pretty in their fall colors while I was waiting for the red light to change 😀

While waiting at another traffic light I saw they were building something else ……

So I got 2 photos of them working the crane 😀

Then it was time to get stuck in traffic again !!!! Living here you have to get used to traffic the main roads are always busy : (

I saw this truck that was in the last photo on the right side and it’s a farm that I grew up next to. Decades ago they moved further out east on Long Island where there are lot’s of other farms 😀

Here I was just as I got back into my town this is an area that goes over my river. The river is down below where those 2 traffic lights are in the middle of the photo. It’s a beautiful river freshwater in this spot but upstream it turns into salt water. They are re-paving this road right now, there are at least 70,000 cars and other vehicles that travel through here everyday !!

Coming home from my dentist I drive through many nice small towns it’s an hour drive for me. I sometimes stop at this Starbucks for coffee ……..

Since it is fall I thought I would try a Pumpkin Spice Latte so I got one but hated it !!! I will never try that again, I had one at Dunkin Donuts and loved that one ….. Plus it was much cheaper than Starbucks that cost over $5 dollars 🙁

It was pouring rain out but I saw this license plate and thought it was so cute, but I could not get a decent shot it say’s LUVMEDOO !!! A Beatles song 😀

At my supermarket you have to tell people not to run over the Pedestrians !!! LOL

I’m guessing these people saw Elvis in concert in 1972 he died in 1977 : (

This is something I never saw a Vanity plate on a motorcycle. I had to catch up to him to get a photo and his lights kind of messed up the shot but I still think it’s Cool 😀

And last a photo I posted in another On The Road blog this old building ……..

It is now GONE !!! More stores coming soon : (


I hope you enjoyed another trip with me I always see something to take photos of 😀