In a world where something as naff as ‘normcore’ can actually be considered a ‘thing’ we give thanks to Audrey Kitching, for her ongoing puncturing of a (sometimes) style-sterile universe. Say bye-bye to the bland, boring and frankly bullying (“Dress Normal” err, no thanks) practices of the silly world of fashion vocabulary and replace the mundane, with a bit of magic. ‘Psych-Pop’ – a Fizzytorial Exclusive – is brought to you by a team of creatives, who are inspired by fun things, like: rainbows, glitter and originality. Through Photographer Dana Fortune’s deliciously dreamy lens, we anti-yawncore types have something cool to look at; Audrey in all her candy pop glory, with a helping of the cosmic colour combinations of Stylist Erica Russel (see fluffy bubble gum blue sleeves with canary yellow shoes, boom!) and the expertly applied eye make-up embellishments of Make-Up and Hair Artist, Alyne Halvajian. Refreshingly nonebore brands put the final yay into the icing on the cake, with in your face pieces from: Lady Petrova, Dolls Eyes NYC, Ciara Clark, Tarina Tarantino, Silvia Gnecchi, Crystal Cactus, Vans and Free People.