Exclusive Interview: Micah BlackLight

I watched a unique video a few months ago. It was about Micah BlackLight, an unrepeatable artist. His energy inspired me. His art enthused me. And now I’m really happy because I was so honored to interview him.

Hi Micah BlackLight. For those who haven’t heard of Micah BlackLight can you tell us a little about yourself?YES! I am a light-working, illustrating, dancing, singing, rhyming, designing, writing, performing, motivational speaking, empowering Inspiration Engine. I’m a song masquerading as a poem and clothed in skin like a leased coat. I am a full-time daddy, a loving partner, and I am bent on positively impacting the world through beautiful interactions and the bringing of my unique art.

You were featured in “American Success Series”. How do you feel being cultural innovator in America? What does it mean for you? In America, as in other countries, society places more emphasis on certain things than on others. Here, black men are routinely portrayed by the media in a very particular, extremely negative light. Part of what I get to do by being a cultural innovator is give the world a different perspective on what it can look like to be a black man, what it can look like to be a man period, and what it can look like to be a self-employed, powerfully positive creator who doesn’t necessarily fit within anybody’s box and doesn’t feel the need to.

What is the biggest inspiration for you? This one may come out sounding funny, but the biggest inspiration to me is INSPIRING AS MANY PEOPLE AS I POSSIBLY CAN TO DO OR BE SOMETHING POSITIVE. I LOVE the idea of making people question things they might not have questioned before meeting me, seeing me; looking at things differently and realizing they are more powerful and beautiful and shining than they imagine themselves to be.

What is the hardest step in creating a masterpiece? And where we can buy your art? I’d say the hardest step in my process is when I am just starting to put a visual idea down as a sketch. Sometimes, getting that initial vision to look the way I want it to look can be SO FRUSTRATING! But once I’ve got it down, things tend to get a lot easier from there. You can find my art at //themicah.com.. I’ve got prints up, I’ve got my own comics, and I do custom drawings as well. I also just finished a book, but I’ll tell you about that in one of the later questionsJ

You are so inspired person and I believe that your soul is strong and powerful. Do you have a personal mantra or your own life philosophy to take from life everything what’s the best and through by hard times? Can you tell us a little more about it? I do. I believe that when my mind is set on a vision, when I want that vision so bad I can taste it, I believe there is very little in this world that can stop me from reaching that goal. I think many people will try to stop a person from doing a thing for all kinds of reasons. But my mantra to myself is that I am put here to prove the impossible- possible. I am put here, to DO what I have said I will do, when I say I will do it. Part of my purpose is to achieve my dreams and shine as a bright beacon for other dreamers to let them know that it IS possible, and they CAN do it if they put their minds to it and keep going.

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the next months? And what is your dream project? OoooKAY! So, I just just just recently finished THE biggest project I’ve ever worked on. I got a book deal and finished my very first novel!! It’s an erotic fantasy novel and it’s got one or two illustrations for all twenty four chapters. I did all the art, the cover, all the writing, everything. I am SO so excited about it! They’re releasing the novel in serial form, which means one chapter a week, every Friday for the next six months. Because the chapters are digital, anybody, anywhere in the world can download it. YES! Link to the first chapter: //www.ellorascave.com/cult-of-the-serpentari-chapter-one.html I’m basically pushing the book for the next several months before I start to do book signings and all of that. I’m also doing custom drawings for people and fashion. Like, you could come to my website or my email with an idea for yourself or one of your friends as some super fantasy character, and I could make that happen. I love doing those. They’re funJ My dream project? I have several, but the one that comes up now is I have this idea for a project that takes ancient mythical creatures and puts them with humans who introduce them to crazy sexual fantasies that the creatures have never experienced before. My dream project of the moment would be to have someone contact me who wanted to commission a series of these pieces at the price I’d be asking and in MY style done entirely MY way. THAT would be my dream project at the moment.

What’s your favorite art work that you have created? I would have to say this book, Cult of the Serpentari. It incorporates so much of what I love into a single project. I’ve done some of the best art of my life in this book. I’ve definitely done my best fiction writing hands down. I’ve had a dream for a long time now. I wanted to find GOOD fiction, with real plot and story and wonderful characters that also had good sex in it. I finally realized that if I wanted to see it I’d have to create it myself. Here in America, society is SO twisted when it comes to sex and sexuality. Women are routinely degraded, misogyny is EVERYwhere, so much of sex is seen as dirty or taboo and most of what shows up as “erotic” is all porn. With this book I got to inject a different form, a different series of perspectives. I got to create ART. I think erotica is meant to be an art form that leaves people feeling awakened and aroused and happy.. not dirty and ashamed and feeling like they need to wash their essence off. That is why this book would have to be the favorite piece of art I’ve ever created. As a whole, I think it does what I wanted it to do: it takes people on a journey, and leaves them happy they went.

Thank you so much for this interview. And I have the last question. Do you have a message for your fans and readers? YES. Learn to love yourself even if it feels hard. Know that you are BEAUTIFUL and amazing and you don’t have to prove that to anybody. The minute you realize it within yourself, you have given yourself a key to shining brighter. The brighter you shine, the more shining people you’ll attract to yourself. Never settle for “friends” that step all over your dreams just because you think you can’t do better. There are billions of people on this planet, and a chunk of them are your tribe, whether you’ve met them or not. Believe this. Know this. Then go LIVE.

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