Exclusive Interview With Headfunk’d Apparel

I had the opportunity to interview Lewis Fountain, business manager from Headfunk’d Apparel. Please take some time to view it and learn more about this online fashion ratail company.

For those who haven’t heard of Headfunk’d Apparel can you tell us a little about your fashion brand? Headfunk’d is an e-commerce alternative clothing company. This alternative / indie style is inspired by tattoo art, with original designs placed on good quality garments for a great price. Despite clothing being our most obvious outlet, we are also avid supporters of underground arts. Through selling our clothes, we’re trying to support ‘the little guys’ – that includes unisnged bands, skaters & unknown artists.

How would you describe Headfunk’s Apparel with 3 words?Original. Inspiring. Psychadelic.

Your collection has great prints. What is your biggest inspiration to make them? The art of tattooing has to be the main inspiration behind the designs. Originally it all started when I was chilling in the garden & designing some tatoo’s for fun – then a mate suggested to me to put them on some t-shirts, of which led me to design specifically for a brand. I wanted to make something original, with designs that were abstract and played with your head slightly – and there came the name “Headfunk’d”, of which was a play on the word head f*ck.

Can you tell us a little about your creative process? I’ve always been an extremely creative person, whether it was expressed through art, music or performing, it’s always been something that’s driven me. When I started making the designs, it was a case of hand drawing them. I would make a design, edit it by hand, make a second draft (or maybe more) and then when I was happy with it, I would put it on the computer for digital enhancement / editing. More recently however, I have been designing straight to the computer with a graphics tablet, however I think it sometimes looks better when created by hand. Music is always a must when i’m drawing as well. It gets me pumping and I’d like to think influences the art.

How would you define the concept of “fashion designer”? What does it mean for you? I think, a “fashion designer” has to be someone that creatively expresses art, through fashion. That could be in any form, from screen printing a design onto a garment, to manufacturing a garment in itself. All art is open for perception, so who’s truly to say what the role is?

What is your dream project?My DREAM project? That’s tough. I think. I’d like to use Headfunk’d Apparel as the forefront to a huge community of skaters, artists and and musicians. Maybe to have a festival or exhibition sponsored and created by Headfunk’d Apparel – that would be pretty gnarly.

What can we expect from your upcoming projects? You can expect quite a lot to be fair, and for it to be quite rapid as well. We’ve been testing the waters and improving our products for quite some time now. Now we’re ready to rock and roll, our aim is to spread virally, making every underground artist awawre and involved with our company. We don’t want to sell out or become followers of ‘the new trend’, we just want to provide cool original clothes to those trying to discover their style. We plan to make ourselves a lot more physically present – attending gigs, events, market stalls etc to increase brand awareness.

Where can we buy your fantastic clothing?At the moment www.headfunkdapparel.co.uk is where you buy all our products. We do plan to have a market stall either in Waterloo or Camden Town (London) once a month very soon with loads of great deals available and show what lovely guys we really are. Thank you so much for this interview. Do you have a message for your fans and readers?

We’d just like to say that it’s really easy to get lost in popular trends and what is ‘fashionable’ at the time, but guys as cliche’ as it sounds, stick to who you truly are. If you wanna wear those jeans with a tail built in, you go for it! And we’ll be right behind you! We’re only a little company at the moment but we have some big dreams and lots going on, so make sure you keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Instagram for exciting new stuff!

Follow Headfunk’d Apparel: on Facebook: www.facebook.com/headfunkdapparel and check out website is www.headfunkdapparel.co.uk

Photos: Headfunk’d Apparel