EXCLUSIVE: Danielle Sullivan Of Wild Ones Talks Music, Touring, & More!

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This week, we had the chance to talk to Danielle Sullivan of the Wild Ones about music, touring, and life with the band. The Portland-based group is a dream-pop band, who just released their LP Keep It Safe, earlier this year. Check out the video for the single “Keep It Safe” below!

The Wild Ones are currently touring the West Coast of the US, kicking off their tour today, November 14th, at MUX in Richland, WA and wrapping up on December 4th at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA.

Here is the interview we did:

1. You say your sound is “dream-pop”…can you describe exactly what that is for me?

To me, dream pop is a genre of music that relies heavily on giving the listener an immersive experience. Rich guitar and synth tones are equally as important as the melody. A couple of my favorite dream pop artists are Cocteau Twins and M83. When listening to their records it feels like I’m stepping into a distinctly ethereal world that they have carefully designed. We have put a lot of attention into creating that experience for our upcoming LP.

2. It’s kind of a miracle that this LP happened, what kept you all motivated and together during the lows and challenges?

We had our fair share of struggles releasing our LP Keep It Safe due to health and financial challenges. Still, we all believed in the record and were committed to taking it as far as we possibly could. Thomas and I had come a long way since we first started playing in bands at 18, and we were finally on the brink of releasing our own work. There wasn’t much that could have stopped us.

3. What’s been your biggest accomplishment since finishing that project?

We have been touring like crazy for the past year in support of the re-release of Keep It Safe on Topshelf Records. We are about to embark on our 6th and final tour of 2014. That feels like a serious accomplishment. Since KIS we’ve also gained an amazing team of people that have believed in and supported us including the excellent gentlemen and women at Topshelf Records and New Community Mgmt.

4. You say you’re inspired by everything from German techno to American R&B…what are some of your favorite tunes to play while on the road?

Oh dang, this is a good one. My current tour playlist includes a lot of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Alvvays, and Grandmaster Flash.

5. So you’re called the “Wild Ones”…do you have any wild band stories from the studio or tour to share?

To be honest, the name is a bit of a joke because we are not particularly wild. We enjoy podcasts and The New Yorker.

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