I got this jigsaw puzzle for Christmas last year and I finally decided to tackle it. I started it last Saturday or Sunday and finished it today !! I was expecting it to be very difficult but I’m really good with architecture and graffiti I just can see it and amazingly the 750 pieces just went into place quickly. I worked on it for about an hour a day most days maybe a bit more at times. I do them on my lap !! I have a large piece of black foamcore board that I can lay out the puzzle as I’m doing it. Most people do them on a table but I’ve always worked this way even my paintings and drawings I do on my lap. I never work on an easel and never did. And I have some pretty large paintings. Anyhow I will show you a photo of the completed puzzle as soon as I get a good photo of it : )

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This is only a part of the puzzle