BUZZNET Exclusive: His Dream Of Lions Music Video Premiere & Talks About Their New EP!

Buzznet, I think it’s time to get back into my old writting roots and bring you some up-coming bands you should be listening to. I recently got to pick the music brains of His Dream Of Lion who are currently doing something unique in the music world. They’ve come up with the idea to release two EP’s in a span of 7 months! Lot’s of good tunes for you to enjoy! Check out what they had to say below! They’re not your typical Warped Tour band 😉

Gabbie: Today you’re premiering the music video for ‘Next Stop, Fall City’ off of your second EP due out December 2 on Buzznet! The video is organic in the sense of it just featuring you guys playing- something that is featured in a lot of your music videos. But, for this one, did you feel it truly brought out the value in the song?

HDOL: Absolutely. The fact that most of our videos have been performance was born out of choice, but also necessity. We really don’t have the resources available to do a narrative music video without it being kind of cheese ball. So when the time came to do Next Stop Fall City, we knew we wanted it to be a performance video, but also knew that it would work really well for the song. Next Stop Fall City is definitely a track that speaks for itself, and one you need to lose yourself in a little bit. We felt the best move was to construct the video in a way that would highlight the music as opposed to anything else.

Gabbie: This will be the second EP you’ve released in 7 months, something that doesn’t happen hardly ever.

HDOL: Yeah, again that was one of those decisions that was due in part to practicality, but also made a lot of sense artistically. We recorded Part One and Part Two in one session over the Summer of 2013 with the intent to release all 11 songs as one record. Eventually we came to the conclusion that, for a band still trying to get its foot in the door, dropping all 11 songs at once seemed a little excessive, especially with no build up. So we staggered each EP by 7 months or so and developed the aesthetic theme that would pair the two together. In the end it worked out really well for the fans and the band.

Gabbie: After listening to both, I would say Part One is lighter musically/lyrically- and Part Two heavier.

HDOL:Part One is definitely a little lighter on its feet. Part Two hits hard but in a different way. Lyrically it’s a little more aggressive as well. The lyrics give the idea that there’s this fight that we need to have, not against any other person, its more like a declaration that we’re here to take on the world and we want to share that everyone.

Gabbie: Stand Out for me was ‘All The Salt In The World’. Which is the last track on the EP. Thinking it’s a song that’s going to hit home with a lot of people.

HDOL: Thank you, we hope so! Definitely one of our favorites as a band. That song was born out of the three-note melody that reprises again and again in the choruses. Even in its infancy when it was just Seth singing and playing it on acoustic guitar we knew it was special. Salt kind of captures the essence of the band in three and a half minutes.

Gabbie: ‘Dreams Equipped’ is another one that stands out instrumental. Lot’s of great elements being thrown in your ears.

HDOL:Haha absolutely, when you’re younger your writing style tends to be a little more ADD, Dreams Equipped is a prime example of that. That was one of the first songs written by the band. Its also Nick’s favorite song to play live, he goes bananas on the intro.

Gabbie: You’re having an EP release show on Nov 29, can we expect a full blown tour soon?

HDOL:Yes! Stay tuned for more announcements, this is just the start 🙂

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