I forgot to show you another of the great cards my husband found me for my birthday in October. I don’t know how he does it but he always seems to find something very funny and that fits me perfectly. We have had a family of raccoons who come here. It’s the first time we have had babies come with their mom. During the summer when they first showed up there were 4 babies and they were so cute and tiny. Through the summer it changed at times there were 2 then 5 and now it’s been 3 babies for the last month or so. They are getting big now but have become quite tame they aren’t afraid of us at all. Well they were afraid of me for a time but that is because my husband is the one who brings them their food. But now they like me also. We don’t touch them of course since they are really wild animals but it’s certainly fun to watch and hear them eat. They are so noisy when they eat they grunt, choke and sneeze at times and also growl at each other 😀