The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes!

The cold weather means its time to bust out everyones favorite treat, hot chocolate! Even though i enjoy my classic hot chocolate with whipped cream, i like to spice it up sometimes. Check out some of my favorites and see if you can recreate them!!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

The secret? Use Cream cheese instead of whipped cream! Read the whole recipe over here

Mint White Hot Chocolate

Perfect for a cold winter night or st pattys day! check it out

Mocha Hot Chocolate

A perfect way for all us coffee loves to start our mornings!

Peanut Butter Cup Hot Chocolate

Get your chocolate and reeses fix in one

Nutella Hot Chocolate

My all time favorite, Nutella hot chocolate combines my two favorite things!

What do you guys think of my favorite hot chocolate recipes?? do you have any special ones???